Get ready for to party with the Three Lucky Stars! With a straightforward single line gameplay, the game is suitable for players of all level. As long as three symbols appear on the middle row of the reel, players will be rewarded!

The best part about the game is whenever Gold Coin symbols appear on the reel, players will receive an instant Total Bet multiplier reward! Even if only one Gold Coin appears on the reel, players will still be rewarded! The reward will depend on the position of the Gold Coin on the reel, with the first reel (Shou) rewarding 2x multiplier, second reel (Fu) rewarding 10x multiplier, and third reel (Lu) rewarding 5x multiplier. The Gold Coin instant rewards can even be combined for bigger multipliers! If players are able to collect all three coins in the same spin, the instant reward will be increased to 300x multiplier!