Hop aboard the luxury cruise of the Riverboat Reel online slot machine and enjoy glitz, charm and many generous rewards. The sight and sound are rich and rich, just like in a real cruise ship casino. On the luxurious 5x3 reels, you will see a series of stylish premium symbols, including traditional royal symbols and other outstanding designs such as playing cards and roulette. The Riverboat Reel slot machine provides a real Monte Carlo casino atmosphere with free spins and a lot of help with other features-you can even use one of the four available jackpots to make a big splash!


The Riverboat Reel slot machine has 30 paylines and bets range from 0.01 to 5 coins. In addition to the turbocharger function that can increase the rotation speed, there is also an unlimited automatic playback function with no upper limit. We like this because it means you can enjoy unlimited spins, as long as you want. After a few spins, we were surprised to find that the game has high volatility. The RTP is low at 94.22%, but with the huge winning potential of the four jackpots, this is not disappointing. View the symbols and their values from the table below.