In Chinese mythology, every direction of a compass or season of a year has symbolized by a Chinese culture creature or animal -  the White Tiger of the West, the Black Turtle of the North, the Azure Dragon of the East, and the Vermilion Bird or Phoenix of the South. They represent autumn, winter, spring, and summer respectively. On the Tiger Turtle Dragon Phoenix slot, Playtech has taken on the challenge to bring all four creatures to a set of slot reels and combine them into an exhilarating game with unlimited free spins, plus a bonus round with four fixed jackpots worth up to 4,000 times your bet.

As expected, the entire game window is held in bold colors and the low-value pay symbols from 9 to A appear in Chinese writing style. They are followed in ascending order of value by four premium symbols – the turtle, the phoenix, the white tiger, and the dragon. An artistic tile in dark red with Chinese characters is the wild symbol on the Tiger Turtle Dragon Phoenix slot machine. The scatter symbol is a green tile with a golden artefact showing the four directions on a compass. It has a dual function as scatter to trigger the free spins and as an additional wild.