Players can select the pay table button located in the bottom left corner of the screen to view which symbols payout and their respective amounts. Symbols located in the pay table include: popcorn, friendly elephants, circus workers, clowns, tame lions and several other symbols that fit perfectly with the big top theme. All of the symbols utilized in Circus slots payout left to right with the exception of the scatter symbols which payout in any direction that they hit on the pay line. Five symbols in view can win a very impressive 3,000 coins.

The Circus video slot game also features two different bonus features, a free spin bonus made with the scatter feature and a bonus which is won by bonus symbols. The free spin feature is hit by spinning three scatter symbols that take the shape of a magician’s hat with a rabbit inside. The pay table does not divulge how many free spins can be earned and you receive a random number. The bonus game is triggered by hitting three or more bonus symbols represented by circus strongmen which unlock a picking game where players are rewarded based off which symbol they select.