918Kaya has brought into a meaning that makes sure that every player is having their prosperity chance to get rich in a time. 918Kaya is the latest online slot machine games in Malaysia and it offers you tons of chances to hit the jackpot easily. 918Kaya adapts very safe and easy withdrawal and deposit transactions system that ensure all your transactions are private and safe from prying eyes and hands. Facing late game issue? Don’t worry our support team is available 24 hours. Fire away your issues at our support team and we will help you to resolve it. The bets you put into the games are all secured and you will receive your reward should you win the game. Download now to make your dream come true. 🧧🧧🧧

Download 918Kaya from V22.host, our customer service will serve you the best. 

 Download IOS      

 Download Android   

918KAYA IOS Installation guide:

Search "V22.host download 918kaya" in any browser. 

Click on the main page by "V22.host". 

Next, keep on searching 918KAYA on our menu bar.


Next, click the IOS Apple icon for ability to download successfully into your IOS device.

Wait for 918Kaya is downloaded complete. 

When you click in, this will be shown up in the screen. "Cancel" it to continue. 

Go to "Setting".


Go to "General". 

Proceed to "Device Management".

Click on "Lxzw Information & Technology...". 

Click "Trust" as following below.

Click "Trust" to continue.

The information will be shown below as it is already verified in device. 

Start and enjoy your game now:)



📞How to contact with us?

Customer services are been used via online communication tools, Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram and online website (V22.host) will do. The most important thing is the customers' convenience. Which will you like to communicate, which you may use to reach to us as well. Below are the contact which players are able to get through. 


💋What is 918Kaya and what is difference between 918Kaya and 918Kiss?

918Kaya was created by multiple gaming companies and has up to 30,000 members betting online at the same time in 2020, which means it is a very popular and high-quality slot machine game software. 918Kaya not only has slot games but also offers various online betting games such as: Live Casino, Arcade Games, Fishing Games, Table Games, Slot Games and more. As much as players are enjoying in the game very much, we're totally deserve their welcome and natural happiness from them. So far, most of the players from 918Kaya is generally from players who play the 918Kiss at past period. As they are earlier getting the news of opening new games 918Kaya which is secondary new platform of 918Kiss, enable players play in multiple way and fun. 

The difference between both games are 918Kiss is the big brand and which is more premium than 918Kaya. But 918Kaya is born as new baby from 918Kiss, to separate the total reputation volume by both of the games. Inside games are found totally same but 918Kaya is more stabilize than the old version (918Kiss). Either you want to play 918Kiss or 918Kaya, both also can be used.


❤How to register an account for the 918Kaya?

If you're interested with assigning into as a member, find us via online by using Telegram, Wechat, Whatsapp and online chatbox. Chat with our customer service about you want to register a new account for 918Kaya. Customer service will assist you till the end of complete done of registration. Prepare for full name, telephone number and your age. Let customer service to verify and help you in this process. Give them few minutes and it will be done. 

>>> Notice⚠: The name user has to be given for real name and real number by any participater. If not, account will be not approved and suspended if have any unidentical information. 


🎈Beside Android and IOS, can I play with pc device?

There is no pc version for 918Kaya, yet it can be opened in pc or laptops. Follow the steps below for any applicable in pc device. 

Download "Noxplayer" to get functional as Android screening device >>> Open Browser to download "918Kaya" >>> Go to Setting and make sure your device is "Open Unknown Source" >>> Play.


🍟How to withdraw the credit from the account?

Just talk to customer service that you want to do action of withdrawal. They will assist you and the minimum is RM50.