About Play8oy

Play8oy casino is currently the most new fashioned and modern theme games in many of online casino games platforms. The purple disco theme brings younger spirit and more passionate to all the players. The players will getting more positive vibe from the games and continue for their games. Play8oy offers variety of options online mini games in Play8oy and they are available for public. Everything is simple and straightforward, so betting is easy. Regardless of your gambling preferences, you will definitely find something that suits your betting needs in many ways.


Start Download Play8oy IOS / Android and Window Version on your device now!!!

 Download Play8oy IOS

 Download Play8oy Android

 Download Play8oy Window 


Play8oy IOS installation guide:

Go to "v22.host download play8oy" in the Google Search space.

Click on the "Download Play8oy - V22.host".

Congrates!!! You're right on side. Select the IOS version to download into your device. 

Now you're on the progression of download. Wait until it's complete. 


When you click onto it, it will be shown as below notification. Just bother this and we continue to next step (for unblocking security system by accessing).

First, go to setting >>> search for general.

Then, go to Device Management.

Go to "Epson (China) Co.,Ltd".

Trust the server as below information. 

And then select again to trust. 

Shows that the application is verified. 

Now, you are able to play the Play8oy once you logged in. Make sure that you have your own Play8oy account, then you may deposit your credit into account given. 

***You may start the game onwards.



💋How to contact us?

Customer service is on air within 24 hours, they will threat you nice and well here. 24/7 non stop on service, objectives are straight away increasing customers' satisfaction and fulfill their needs wants. Customers are first priority. Any request on withdrawal, you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat. Find them for any problem. 


🧨What is Play8oy and what do Play8oy have inside?

Play8oy is a casino game taking over the gambling world in style as it comes with many features to give you a fantastic betting platform. Get started with this new game to explore the world of excitement! The gambling industry has made a significant leap in the last decade. With the transition from land-based gaming to virtual casinos, there’s a lot to discover about betting. And the recent introduction of Play8oy has attracted public interest across Malaysia.

Now you can flawlessly enjoy playing Play8oy casino on your smartphone and tablet. Are you tired of staying indoors whenever you want to play the casino? Do you have a mobile phone that can access the internet? Follow these steps and start playing the game from your phone today!

  • Go to the browser and type the name of the game like Play8oy.
  • You can go to our official website V22.host and download Play8oy.
  • Click on the link to download the APK app for Play8oy free.
  • Then go to the download folder and install the app on your mobile device.


🎨How to play with PC?

Download Play8oy from the V22.host website, must be installed in exe file given (select Window version).

>>> See the guidelines as below:

- Go to the official website of Noxplayer.

- Download the "Noxplayer" based on your suitable edition and device.

-Run the Noxplayer and make sure it can be applicable to open the application in screen.


🎉How to get the free ID account for demo?

Try to contact our Customer Service if any request demo ID from them. They can't wait for your support. 


🎈Is it safe to play in Play8oy?

Yes, it's safe to play as it has been secured by most stable server and hosting in which was certified by owner and developer team who provide perfect backend.